It’s just like taking the lens out of my glasses and putting them in my eyes. You’ve heard the expression, “A new outlook on life,” that’s exactly what it is. I wouldn’t want to wait a week. There’s no pain at all. I can see and it’s just absolutely wonderful.

~Dianne H., USA

Testimonial from Sally H.

The “not knowing”is the most feared adventure one ever takes. Any time we concede to a surgery, there is always much thought. Having reached an age in life, where things are continually changing, I was advised I needed cataract surgery on both eyes. In one sense, I was excited knowing I could be through with contact lenses or glasses for the remainder of my life. Yet, I had this nagging wonder in me; “would it hurt?” “ Would the Doctor perform this surgery correctly?” “What are the repercussions?” “What is the prognosis?” “What must I do prior to surgery?” “Will it hurt badly?” I imagine most of us ask these questions, at the very least. I was referred to Dr. Andrew Kortz. Upon my first visit, Barbara walked me through every stage. It was a very lengthy exam, different testing, checking again to be certain all diagnostics were correct. Dr. Kortz oversaw all procedures during the exam and shook my hand advising me how well I would see upon completion of the surgery. Now I felt even better! Rene informed me of all costs, up front and set up my surgery at the hospital and once again walked me through every step; what, when & where. I was feeling more confident by the minute. The day of surgery, Dr. Kortz came into pre-op room and advised what exactly would transpire and kept me informed. I was in a twilight, during surgery yet heard every word the operating team spoke. It was so good, I could not wait for the second eye to be operated on. Once that was in place, I have wagered my husband on reading things at a distance. For the first time in over five decades, I can see without glasses or contact lenses. Dr. Kortz has been so very kind, his bedside manner is exemplary and I have had the utmost confidence in his decisions. They’ve all been right and I now look at the world through 20/20 vision…………WITHOUT CORRECTIVE LENSES!

Thank you Dr. Kortz, Barbara& Rene, you have all been the very best! Would I recommend them? Absolutely! There is nowhere else on should go!!

– Sally H.

Testimonial from Lillian CT.

On December 2012, Dr. Kortz performed the first cataract surgery on my right eye. One week later, I was happily surprised as far as the changes and impact it had in my overall vision! Even further, the surgery helped dissipate the astigmatism I had since I was a child. This overall improvement was a result of the lens implant to both eyes (on two separate dates). I can attest to the fact that the first week of my first surgery, my life changed! My headaches disappeared, I can now drive at night and mostly importantly is that I don’t need my glasses! As a result of this surgery, my life has changed and I feel a much younger and happy person. I see the much brighter and clearer!

The recuperation process was very fast. Dr. Kortz is incredibly profesional and at the same time is very caring to his patients. I would recommend Dr. Kortz to anyone who is interested not only in improving their eye sight but entire way of life!

Thank you Dr. Kortz

– Lillian CT

Testimonial from Phillip & Mary Ann H.

What’s insidious about cataracts is the way that they chew away at your view, until there is no view. And as it is when your home is hit by professional nighttime thieves, it may take a long time to recognize all the damage that was done.

It’s a quarter to four on a hot and breezy September afternoon. My shooting partner and I are seated back to back on dove-hunting-stools, staring out in opposite directions from one of eight camo-netted blinds, dispersed over a 10-acre field of recently harvested peanuts. We hear some shooting to the north – the afternoon flight has started.

“I see four or five coming our way . . . “ Allan alerts me.

I swivel the stool 180 degrees and stare out intensely.

“They’re coming from ten o’clock,” Allan says.

I don’t see the birds. “Low or high?”

Allan stands up to shoot. Now I see the birds, but I don’t have time to take the shot. Allan drops a double and I sit there simmering. Making matters worse, Allan doesn’t say anything . . . no jibe, no mocking insult. Nothing.

This was the third dove shoot of the season during which I was simply unable to see the birds. I’d known I had cataracts for a few years, but I hadn’t recognized how much sight I had lost. The next morning I got on the phone and started to search out an ophthalmologist. I get some names and start calling, asking questions, and began to chase references. That’s how I found Dr. Kortz.

His staff made me feel welcome, and I must admit I was more than a little edgy – after all – I might soon allow this stranger to cut into my eyes.

Dr. Kortz proved to be a straight-forward, thoroughly professional character. He explained how during the surgery, he would remove the natural, faulty lens and replace it with a perfect one of plastic. “And you won’t feel a thing, I promise. A day or two after the operation what you’ll be able to see with that eye will be better than the best sight you’ve ever known.” That’s some promise.

His assistants load me with eye drop prescriptions and pre-surgical instructions, and the next day I’ve got a date with Dr. Kortz at a hospital surgery.

They do one eye and a month later, the other one. After the operation I had a clear plastic eye-shield bandaged in place over my left eye. Kortz was telling the truth. I felt absolutely nothing before, during or after the operation. No pain whatever. The next morning, he tested my new eye and seemed pleased. It was too early for me to gauge what had just occurred, but that afternoon, I removed the plastic shield to apply some eye drops and I looked out through one of our windows and I closed my right eye. The view out my new eye was startling. I’ve been near-sighted all my life and have worn glasses since I was twelve. That was sixty-five years ago. The sweep of the lawn, the sharpness of the bushes and trees, the brightness of the white gardenias, the lines between the upright slats of our rear fence, distant clouds . . and THE COLORS! Everything is sparklingly, incredibly clear. It’s like the first time you view a big-screen HDTV. What the Hell was I afraid of?

A month later I’m delighted to say, I have excellent vision in both eyes and except for when I read, I don’t need glasses. And I honestly can’t remember ever seeing with such clarity.

My vision is so good, I’ve been informed that doves from nearby southern states have scheduled an emergency conference in Atlanta to discuss how to avoid my shooting.

To most people Andrew E. Kortz, M.D. is an eye-doctor. But to me he’s the magic man. The guy who brings people the High Definition world they were meant to see.

Happy Hunting.

– Phillip H.